Heineken unveils sneakers full of real beer and people are losing their minds; we aren’t kidding

04 Aug, 2022
Heineken unveils sneakers full of real beer and people are losing their minds; we aren’t kidding

Heineken, the popular beer brand, has gone viral because of its bizarre invention. Have you heard about a sneaker that has real beer?No, we are not kidding. These days, the market is inundated with a wide range of odd goods that occasionally take over the internet, but this time, Heineken achieved something truly unique that has caused a frenzy among consumers. Beer in sneakers as much as it sounds fascinating so is it a deal which is available for a limited time only.

Heineken unveils Heinekicks

Here are the "Heinekicks" from Heineken, a style of shoes that make genuine beer easier to drink (only when you want to open your shoe soles to drink it) On this design, The Shoe Mechanic, Dominic Ciambrone, a well-known shoe designer who has collaborated with notable figures like DJ Khaled and Drake, and Heineken worked together. Heineken Silver, the company's lighter beer with a lower alcohol concentration, was introduced earlier this year paired with special-edition shoes called Heinekicks.

Heineken unveils sneakers full of real beer

Each pair of tulle sneakers contains a metal bottle opener and features the colours green, red, and silver, which are similar to those on Heinekin Silver bottles. Beer has been placed inside the shoe's soles. Take a look

Sharing the picture of the brand new twitter Heineken tweeted “Beer for your sole Designed in collaboration with noted shoe designer, Dominic Ciambrone, to celebrate the smoothness of Heineken Silver. Heinekicks aren't your everyday shoe, but it’s not every day you get to walk on beer,”

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