Women In Indian Army: How to join, Eligibilty, Pay Scale and ranks

15 Jan, 2022
Women In Indian Army: How to join, Eligibilty, Pay Scale and ranks

Women In Indian Army

If we look through the numbers, the Indian Army has 6,807 women and constitutes 0.56% of the Army, the Indian Air Force has 1,607 women representing 1.08% of the Force and the Indian Navy has 704 female officers who constitute 6.5% of the Naval Force. If we consider the number of women officers in the three defence establishments, a total of 9,118 women are on active duty. Now if these numbers tell us anything, it is that the gender scale in the Indian Army weighs more towards the male side than the female side. But recently things have changed. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of women deployed in the armed forces during the year 2020 and apart from the Permanent Commission to Women Officers in the category of Judge Advocate General and Army Education Corps, the Government of India has of late has also pronounced the grant of Permanent Commission to Women Officers in all three Services where women are eligible for commission.

Women’s Induction in various branches

Here is the status of women's induction in various branches of army in any role as well as in coveted permanent commissioned officers role
  1. Army Aviation Corps
  2. Army Corps of Signals
  3. Army Dental Corps
  4. Army Education Corps
  5. Army Medical Corps
  6. Army Ordnance Corps
  7. Army Postal Service Corps
  8. Army Service Corps
  9. Corps of Army Air Defence
  10. Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers
  11. Corps of Engineers
  12. Corps of Military Police
  13. Intelligence Corps
  14. Judge Advocate General's Department
  15. Military Nursing Service
  16. Regiments (Artillery)
  17. Territorial Army
As of 2020, women are not allowed to serve in combat units such as Infantry, Mechanised infantry, Armoured corps, and Artillery.

Women being promoted to Colonel ranks

The Indian Army in 2021 granted time scale Colonel rank to women officers. The defence ministry said that a selection board of the Indian Army cleared the way for the promotion of five women officers to Colonel (time scale) rank. These officers have completed 26 years of "reckonable service", the ministry said in a release. The five women officers selected for Colonel time scale rank are Lt Col Sangeeta Sardana from the Corps of Signals, Lt Col Sonia Anand and Lt Col Navneet Duggal from the Corps of EME and Lt Col Reenu Khanna and Lt Col Ritcha Sagar from the Corps of Engineers.

How Women Can Join Indian Army

Women who want to be a part of the Indian Army can do so for 14 years under the Short Service Commission scheme. The different routes through which females can join the Army are:

1. SSCW Non-Tech

The candidates with a non-engineering background, Short Service Commission (non-technical) is one route for entry into the armed forces. Candidates have to clear a written exam administered by the UPSC twice a year in February and September. Candidates can check the merit list of this exam through Sarkari Result. The Indian Army appoints 12 female aspirants as officers through this exam. The Service Selection Board (SSB) invites those candidates for an interview that have cleared the exam.

Eligibility Criteria

Female applicants should be unmarried. Candidates should be between 19 to 25 years of age. They should also have a graduation/post graduation in any discipline from an acknowledged university.


The National Cadet Corps, or NCC, is a youth development organization that offers basic military training to young candidates. Through this path, the female candidates who had been active volunteers in the NCC can join the Indian Army. There is no written assessment for this scheme, and the Indian Army recruits 8 unmarried female NCC volunteers who have two years of service in the NCC.

Eligibility Criteria

Female candidates between 19 to 25 years are eligible. Candidates should have 50 percent marks in graduation.


Under the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch, female officers are enrolled in the Indian Army to handle lawful procedures. This is a very appropriate job for women, along with other prestigious Government Jobs. This scheme is specifically for law graduates, and every year, the Indian Army selects eight female candidates via the JAG entrance process. There is no written exam for JAG entry, and the nominated candidates are called for an SSB interview.

Eligibility Criteria

Female candidates should be between 20 to 27 years of age. Candidates should have a minimum of 55 percent marks in LLB. Aspirants should also be registered with the Indian or State Bar Council.

4. SSC Tech

Females who have a graduate degree in any Engineering course can apply for Short Service Commission (Technical). There is no written exam, and candidates are selected exclusively based on merit.

Eligibility Criteria

Only unmarried candidates can apply. Female candidates should be between 20 to 27 years.

Salary Structure

The salary structure is the same for all officers of the same rank, whether he is a male or a female. Only difference is the additional allowances based on deployment (Siachen, classified hard areas, CI duties, special forces, aviation pilot, class of city, etc). Even these allowances do not differentiate between genders. A male officer and a female officer of same rank and tenure (Years of service after commissioning) deployed at the same location on same duties with same specialisation, will draw the exact same salary and allowances without any difference.

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