How I Travelled 36 Countries With A Full-Time Job? | Jagriti Kesarwani

29 Sep, 2022

Jagriti Kesarwani, an engineer by profession who hails from a little hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, has visited 36 different nations. So, if you're curious about how she managed to travel while working a full-time job and what inspired all of this, watch the complete video right away!

How I Travelled 36 Countries With A Full-Time Job?

Jagriti Kesarwani will talk about her travels to 36 countries by the age of 32 in this episode. Jagriti discusses how, up until the age of 23, she was without a passport. Today, she is a travel influencer—and a stylish one at that.

About Jagriti

Jagriti is from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. She earned a gold medal and her degree in electronic and communication engineering. Growing up in a middle-class family, she travelled every year to spend time with her family and have her photo taken in lovely settings just to suit her family album.

What influenced her to become a traveller

Her first journey abroad. Jagriti discussed how she decided to try and explore her new, adventurous side after her first international trip. Every new nation she has visited, along with every new location, has fueled her drive to learn more about it. Here is a brief introduction to Jagriti in this episode; in subsequent episodes, let's chat more about her escapades while travelling.

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