How Mohit & Addite Malik Keep The Spark Alive In Their Marriage? | Ek Duje Ke Liye

07 Jun, 2022

Do you want to know the secret of a happily married life, well here we are with a new episode of Ek duje ke liye with one of  the televisions most adorable jodi Mohit Malik and Addite Shirwaikar Malik who tied knot in 2018, and their relationship is going stronger every passing year.

When Mohit met Additte

The duo first met on the set of ‘Milee’ more preciously in a Vanity van during the shoot. Mohit stated that he was completely engrossed in his long script since it was a big opportunity for him he unintentionally ignored Additte and Mona who came to meet him in the van for the first time. For Additte she found him really rude at that time. The transition from being friends to becoming boyfriend girlfriend and finally getting married was too smooth for us.

Dating life

The duo apparently dated each other for 5 years and then decided to get married. While asked about their fight during dating life Mohit said ‘If sometimes disagreement erupts between us, we try to resolve it quickly and within 10-15 mins’.

The journey from dating to wedding

On Addite's side, her family was fine with the actors marrying, but on Mohit's side, even though his family admired Addite, his parents were cautious and protective of Mohit because it was the first love marriage in their family.

Strong pillar for each other

When Addite and Mohit married, they had financial difficulties in their professional lives. They spent the majority of their earnings on house purchases and wedding preparations. Both of them were not working at a time.‘But that phase built up our foundation and taught a lot of things to us and we both dealt with it together very beautifully’ said Addite.“It was like a big sacrifice for her being an actor and leaving her career for some other job, I'm really really proud of her” says Mohit

How life changed after having Ekbir

Maintaining balance is very important. You need to realize that you are parents now but at the same time you also have to prioritize your life partner. ‘At some time I realized I was spending much time with Ekbir and somewhere Additte was left behind, I started missing her even more and then we decided to plan a romantic date out”.

Who is more romantic 

Addite is responsible for executing most of the surprises, although Mohit tries a lot but gets caught by his beloved wife. 

Secret for happy married life

Date nights, hangouts. The duo make sure to spend quality times together despite having a tight schedule.

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