How To Be Mentally & Physically Fit After Your Baby’s Birth I Deeksha Mishra

02 Sep, 2022

The woman may be less concerned about her health after giving birth because she spends the majority of her time caring for the infant. For a holistic mother-child attachment to form, it is important to remember that the mother's health and wellbeing should also be a top priority. In this video, Deeksha Mishra discusses several key strategies for maintaining your physical and mental health after giving birth to a baby. Now watch the complete video

5 ways to keep up your mental and physical health after giving birth

1 Me Time: Prioritize your  ‘Me time’ and invest it in the things you like to do instead of just being concerned about the family. Take at least 1hour off to do so.
2. Small changes big difference: Make small changes everyday like drink more water, take a 1000 step walking challenge, try eating salads and you will soon see the difference in yourself
3. Don’t treat exercise as punishment: Try to keep your body active and healthy by doing exercises and yoga which will mentally and physically help you to glow internally.
4. Regular blood test: Get yourself medically tested from time to time. After giving birth your body changes drastically, so make sure to undergo regular health check ups.
5. You are not alone: Make your kids and your family a part of your journey,try to engage them as well, like spending time in parks, asking your partner to help in Kitchen etc.

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