How to improve & maintain F/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India: Tips, Guide & More

25 Feb, 2022
How to improve & maintain F/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India: Tips, Guide & More

In BattleGrounds Mobile India, F/D ratio is used to represent the average of finishes per match by the players. The F/D ratio is seen as a resemblance of skills of the particular player i.e. a good player will have a high F/D ratio as compared to weak players. However, maintaining and improving a high F/D ratio is not easy as it requires you to perform well in all the matches as well as clutch in the required moments. Here are a few tips, tricks & practice guide on how to improve F/D ratio :

A good squad

It’s always important to have a good squad with good game sense and synergy. A squad with good synergy can link well with each other covering the weakness and increasing the prowess of the teammates. This makes it easier to push rank, win matches, maintain a good F/D ratio as well as good stats.

Improve close-range combat

During the initial battle or while pushing on a team or while defending, close range combats can’t be avoided. In order to improve F/D ratio, one will require great close range combat skills. 

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Improve long-range combat

In order to improve F/D ratio without getting into close range combats, mid to long range fights are a great option. A player with good long range combat skills can pick up quick knocks, steal finishes while third partying other two teams engaged in a battle. In order to know more about improving long-range combat skills, 

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  • Avoid hot drops :

It’s always better to avoid hot drops like Pochinki, Military Base, School-Apartments as they always have a lot of teams which also results in a bit of lag in device as well as players might get finished without guns, utilities and any decent loot. Dropping on places like Georgopol city, Yasnaya Polyana etc a player will get decent loot. Even if players face a drop clash, the large city provides enough time to disengage and loot before an all out battle.

  • Weapon expertise :

It’s really important for players to have expertise on each type of weapon other than their favorite combinations. In some matches, players might have to face drop clashes and battle with whatever they can pick, i.e. pistols, shotguns, SMGs, utilities etc. It’s best for players to keep a great aim and pick up whatever possible and keep on tracing heads using their weapons. 

  • Use of Utilities :

BGMI offers great utilities like grenades, smokes, molotovs, stun grenades etc. Grenades and molotovs can be used quickly to convert knocks into finishes as well as used to pick important knocks while pushing a house and prevent the push while defending the house. A good use of utilities in the battle makes a lot of difference in the final outcome and always helps in picking up a few finishes.


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