How To Look Stylish & Beautiful In Weddings I Styling Hacks I Shubhi Bharal

25 Nov, 2022

Wedding season is here, so you must be making lots of preparations to look your best at every occasion. Fashion influencer Shubhi Bharal explains the greatest life-saving tactics for this wedding season to assist you in these situations. These tips are incredibly easy to use and will improve your appearance. Watch the complete video right away to learn more about these.

Wedding style hacks

  • Sling bag hack: Here surbhi will tell you how to adjust the length of the strap as per your choice of dress and style. For mid length make X with a chain inside the bag. For a short length make X with a chain outside your bag and then take the remaining part inside the bag and close it.

  • Loose kurti hack: Bring forward extra fabric and fold the fabric from both the sides and then join it safely by the use of a safety pin. Cover the safety pin with the help of a brooch

  • Shirt blouse hack: Take the sleeve and tie it on the back of your neck, it will give you a halter neck style, tuck inside the extra fabric of your shirt.

  • Sequenced  blouse hack: Take wide cello tape and stick it to the are where the sequin top is irritating the skin.

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