How to make a career in HR: Know from the experts How to start a career in HR (Human Resource) in India

28 Sep, 2021

How to make a career in HR:

Human Resource as a field is quite an interesting as well as engaging job. The job required you to be technically skilled, as well as have great communication skills, or human skills that will help you interact and form relationships with your colleagues. The field of Human Resources is the one that required you to connect with people well and be able to solve their problems whenever required. 

So, in this article further, we will know more about “How to start a career in HR (Human Resources).”

How to start a career in HR (Human Resources) after the 12th?

To make a career in Human Resources (HR) after 12th, a person can pursue a BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) for their graduation or an MBA course after their graduation from any field with a specialization in Human Resources (HR) in the concluding years. Following this way, the above courses will provide a person with proper knowledge about how a company or an organization works.

However, if you have enrolled for graduation from a field that is not at all related to Human Resources (HR), you may always opt for certification courses or diploma courses in management as these courses are highly recognized everywhere, and also help you know the industry, and enter the field of HR easily.

What is the expected career in Human Resource (HR) industry?

The Human Resource (HR) industry in today’s world is constantly evolving and the importance of HR in a company is constantly increasing. For a firm to be successful, efficient usage of the resource i.e., the manpower is quite important which totally depends upon the HR. The planning, analyzing, communication, and other work still remain with the Human Resource department even after the introduction of the Human Resource Management Software.

What is the expected salary of HR in India?

The average expected salary of HR in India is somewhere around Rs. 5,00,000 per anum, however, it solely depends upon a person’s skills and qualifications.

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