How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup | Baani Bathla

27 Sep, 2022

People won't notice your flaws if you have attractive eyes. The importance of eye makeup cannot be understated if you want to look nice. The fact that eye makeup calls for such a wide range of items is one of the factors contributing to the long product list and high demand for eye makeup artists. Influencer Baani Bathla offers some incredible makeup advice in this video on how to accentuate your eyes. Learn how to apply makeup step-by-step; it's easy enough for beginners to do, too. View to learn more.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

  • Prepare a base for your eyes so that the palette you will apply will pop up
  • Start with the eye makeup pick the transition shade which is baby pink
  • Crease Shade for Depth purple
  •  Inner corner shade- Ivory glitter
  • Try using wing liner which will make your eyes look bigger
  • Smudge shade- purple color
  • Lower lash line purple shade
  • White kajal for inner eye
  • Use spoolie brush

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