How to use Mask The Right Way; Types of Masks, Dos & Don'ts

04 Jan, 2022

COVID 19: In the recent times of COVID, the mask has become a norm of our daily lives. It is the basic weapon in the battle against COVID virus. Where masks have made its place in our wardrobes, and most of us have different pieces in different designs, colours and brands, it is also very important to use the mask the right way. Just wearing a mask won't ensure protection against the coronavirus. Removing the mask, and keeping it the right way is also as much important. We will tell you about the different types of  masks and the right way to use them; Let’s start with Do’s & Don'ts


Mask and hands should be clean and dry: While you put the mask on, make sure that your hands are clean and dry, and the mask is also dry with no moisture.

Touch the strings to remove the mask: If you need to remove the mask or put it back, only hold the mask from it's strings and do not touch the other areas of the mask.

How to handle the used mask: According to the top Medical agency of the USA, when you remove your mask, you should always store it in a paper bag or an envelope. The paper bag should be airy enough and you can also put the Mask in an airy container. Make sure you do not use a plastic bag or any such container which keeps the moisture intact.


Never touch the mask from the outside: The outer surface of the mask comes in contact with air and germs can be accumulated at the surface of the mask through the means of air.

Do not keep the mask in the bag or open surface: If you remove the mask when you eat food, or drink water, never take out the mask and put it in your bag randomly, this will spread any germs from the surface of the mask.

Do not put the mask on your chin: If you put the mask on the chin, then the purpose of wearing a mask is not solved. If you put the mask on the chin, the germs come close to the lips and mouth, which makes it even more harmful.


 Types of masks and their uses:

N95 and KN95: If you use a N95 or KN95 mask, which provides the best protection against COVID virus, after using it once, keep the mask in a paper bag for at least 24 hours, and use it only after 24 hours. You should keep two masks if you use them frequently. This way you can use a quality mask, while you let the other one breathe in a paper bag.

Cloth Mask: If you use a cloth mask, then first put a surgical mask, and then put the cloth mask over it. Always put a surgical mask under the mask made out of fabric. No matter whatever brand mask you choose, you should always back it up with a surgical mask.

Surgical mask: You should keep 3-5 Surgical masks and you should keep it in a paper bag after every use. This way you can use the mask in rotation.

(If the mask is loose or the threads are coming out, kindly replace it.)

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