How We Lost 59kgs Together Being A Power Couple | Story Of Vruushali & Makrand | Only My Health

19 Jan, 2023

Vruushali and Makrand started their fitness journey together and that was just another stepping stone in them being a power-couple. Together, they achieved shedding down 59kgs total as a couple with the help of balanced nutrition diet and strength training. They have two kids and yet they are at their peak fitness forms and more. Watch their motivational fat loss journey as a couple.

Story Of Vruushali & Makrand

Vrusushali and Makrand in this video will share their transformation journey. Makrand mentioned how he used to get frustrated looking at himself in the mirror and how being overweight started becoming a fun aspect for their friends. On the other hand Vruushali who is the mother of two
explained how she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. Together the duo decided to take on the challenge and started learning about nutrition and its benefits while doing a regular gym workout.

Diet routine

Morning- A bread/fruit followed by eggs/chaptatis
Afternoon- Dal, chapati, soya, salad
Evening- Tea without sugar

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