UP Assembly Election 2022: How will Avtar Singh Bhadana's resignation affect the Uttar Pradesh politics?

15 Jan, 2022

As the time for the final phase of the Legislative assembly closes in, many politicians have started resigning and joining other parties. And between these political conflicts, Ex MP and senior leader Avtar Singh Bhadana has resigned from BJP and has joined Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD). He will stand in the elections from Jewar constituency, and how will it affect the Bharatiya Janata Party, let's find out.

Who is Avtar Singh Bhadana?

Yesterday he joined the RLD party and today he has been given the ticket to stand in the elections from the Jewar constituency. Avtar Singh has a lot of reach and fame among the Gurjar community. He has been the MP from Faridabad and Meerut constituency for three and one tenure respectively. Not only has he been the MP but was also elected as MLA for Meerapur constituency by BJP. This time he has decided to try his luck in the Gautam Buddha Nagar constituency. There has been a huge disruption in politics since his arrival. Avtar Singh Bhadana is known to be a great politician among the Gurjar community. The Gurjar community holds the control of around 42 seats in the Western region of Uttar Pradesh and because of this Avtar Singh Bhadana might be a big advantage for the party in those regions.

And to break his stronghold, BJP and other parties have also decided to appoint politicians from the Gurjar community in those regions. The RLD and SP together in these elections might prove a danger to other parties. They have already started to gain the trust of Gurjar community by holding rallies with Avtar Singh as their representative. Jewar and Gautam Buddha Nagar are neighbouring constituencies and therefore Avtar’s involvement will surely result in a huge change in the politics of western UP. 

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