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20 Oct, 2022

Diwali is just around the corner and guess whose sale is skyrocketing for the festival. Of Course it’s our beloved sweet Soan Papdi which is a must for Diwali festival and without which no festive visit is complete. Every Diwali, Soan papdi has acquired the distinction of the festival's most well-liked sweet—one that is meant to be shared and given as gifts rather than consumed. With once more, Soan Papdi is back with more well-known mithaiyon ke dabbe and her own unique complaints, temper tantrums, and "jhikjhik"! Let's hear her talk passionately now.

Soan Papdi the ideal Diwali sweet

Soan papdi, often termed sohan papdi, is frequently served in the form of cubes or flakes and has a crisp, flaky texture. Its preparation calls for all-purpose flour, gramme flour, sugar, water, and milk. We are  not sure if the flavour or the fair price make this feather-light treat the ideal Diwali present.

Soan Papdi and the social media memes

While Soan papdi is undoubtedly one of the most preferred sweets in India, every year during Diwali time this sweet also invites a lot of meme frenzy on twitter and social media. All thanks to our beloved relatives who never forgets to play the ‘Passing the soan papdi’ game every year.

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