Indian Air Force MiG 21 is being Retire | Balakot Air Strike | Abhinandan Wardhman

20 Sep, 2022

You must remember Balakot Airstrike. The MiG-21 that was used by Group Captain Abhinandan was at that time in the rank of Wing Commander. That MiG-21 is going to retire now. It is reported that a squadron of MiG-21 will be retired by the end of the month of September i.e. 30th September and then gradually the services of MiG from India will be stopped by 2025.

Aircrafts were called flying coffins

These planes were called 'flying coffins' in the media because they have been the victims of many accidents. And for a long time there was a demand to retire these planes. The plane in which Abhinandan Varthaman was a victim of the accident on Pakistan's border and was caught by his army was also a MiG-21.

The MiG-21 played a major role in the Kargil war, when the Pakistani army was deceitfully on top of Indian territory. Apart from this, the MiG also played a big role in the 1971 war.

Reason for retiring MiG-21

The MiG-21 is the oldest aircraft in the IAF fleet. In many battles, the MiG-21 has soured the teeth of the enemy, but it also has a long history of accidents. According to the figures of the Ministry of Defense, so far more than 170 pilots have been lost by the Indian Air Force due to accidents in MiG-21. Several investigations were also conducted on this, after which it was finally decided to retire the MiG and now the first squadron is being retired. Squadron-51 will officially retire on 30 September.

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