Inspirational Story: Disabled woman Giji Mol appears for her Class 10th exam at the age of 45, got married the same day

02 Sep, 2021

Giji Mol inspiring story:

There are many motivational and inspirational stories of great legends, that inspire us to achieve something great in life, however, there are some unsung heroes who motivate us with their strong determination to achieve things after fighting all odds.

And hence, here is another inspirational story of Kerala’s GIJI MOL who is no less than a legend, as she clearly proves that there is no age bar to learn new things and study.

While the story appears a bit filmy, however, will surely motivate you. The story is from the Indian state that has the highest literacy rate, i.e., Kerala. 

Giji Mol, a 45-year-old disabled lady from Kerala has recently appeared for her Class 10th Exam on 25th August 2021, on the same day she got married. Giji Mol soon after her marriage ceremony reached the exam center to give her Class 10th exam. 

Giji Mol’s inspiring story on the importance of education:

Giji Mol believes that to achieve something great in your life, you must be well educated, otherwise achieving the goal becomes difficult. Due to some reason, Giji Mol had to drop her education and wasn’t able to complete it. And hence, Giji Mol at the age of 45 is now pursuing her education and wishes to be independent through working a job.

Giji Mol further shares that getting a job without being educated is a difficult task. 

While stating the reason behind her reaching the exam center directly after her marriage, Giji said that she didn’t want to miss her exam and hence, gave her education a priority too.

So, this was Giji Mol’s inspirational story, hope it inspires you too.

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