Katrina Kaif’s viral ice bowl facial challenge for glowing skin & removing puffiness; Does it work?

10 May, 2022
Katrina Kaif’s viral ice bowl facial challenge for glowing skin & removing puffiness; Does it work?

Katrina Kaif is without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood's history. However, it takes a lot to maintain that kind of facial radiance and health regimen, and the fact that many people are unaware that one tiny move can have a significant impact on their health makes this Ice bowl challenge even more interesting. While schedules are becoming increasingly hectic, and working members of the family must continuously manage work and home, Katrina's ice bowl challenge may be the best life hack for you right now. This should be noted that people suffering from Sinus or Migraine issues should not try this hack at any cost.

Katrina Kaif Ice water facial challenge

This goes back to the time when Katrina shared her secret to reduce puffiness from the face and increase blood circulation. Thermogenesis is the technical term for this method.

Ice water facial steps

Step 1. Take a large bowl and make sure it's big enough to fit your entire face inside. Now, completely empty an ice tray.

 Step 2. Next, let the ice melt and fill half the bowl with regular water, Allow the water to fill to the point where you can easily dip your face into it.

Step 3. You don't have to keep your face entirely immersed in the bowl, just dip it for two seconds, then remove it and dip it again for two seconds.

Step 4. While taking your face out, massage it gently for 2,3 seconds to improve blood circulation and repeat the process.

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Dunking face in a ice water benefits

It helps burning fats

The cranial nerves control the heart, digestive tract, and skeletal muscle nerves. Dip your face in ice water to stimulate your nerves and help your body burn fat.

Reduces redness & puffiness

For some waking up with a puffy face in the morning is quite normal, it will instantly reduce the puffiness of skin and same goes with people dealing with sunburn, it is always suggested to take a cold water bath whenever you come home after a hectic summer day to soothe your burning skin, for the face do the same process and you will get an instant result.

Tightens the skin & reduces wrinkles

Using cold water will prevent future wrinkles. It will smooth your skin and fill the role of expensive anti-wrinkle treatments. If your pores are open, this is the most effective way to close them. Cold water tightens pores and smoothes your face's skin.

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