Keep Your Kids Safe From Viral Fever & Infections I Monsoon Health Guide

02 Sep, 2022

In addition to providing relief from the scorching summer, monsoons can bring a variety of diseases like viral fever, infections, dengue, and others. The risk factor is higher among children at this period, which frequently causes parents to express tremendous concern. Himani Seth, a digital content creator, explains how to keep children safe during the monsoon season in this video.

Guide to keep your kids safe from Viral fever in Monsoon

  1. Give a fruit-rich diet that is rich in nutrients to strengthen the immune system. Ensure that the food is wholesome and freshly prepared. Avoid junk food at all costs, especially during the monsoon season.

  2. Make sure they drink plenty of water, ideally boiling.

  3. Maintain proper hygiene by giving them a basic bath and making sure they are wearing clean, pressed clothes.

  4. Make it a habit for your children to always wash and sanitise their hands after playing. Prior to feeding or preparing food, remember to wash your hands thoroughly because good hand hygiene kills over 90% of microorganisms.

  5. To reduce the risk of dengue, keep your surroundings clean, especially during the monsoon.

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