Know About The Crucial Tests For The Pregnancy Trimesters

09 Feb, 2022

Pregnancy is an important phase in any woman’s life. It is the time when a woman brings a life to the world and becomes a mother, however the pregnancy can be a demanding period. It is also very important to keep a proper check on the growth of the foetus. This requires time to time check at the different trimesters. There are some specific tests recommended by gynaecologists that you should get done during the pregnancy.

At the different trimester, different tests are recommended for different purposes. It can include genetic screening test, blood group compatibility test, to diagnose any abnormalities in the growing foetus , blood and urine test, blood Work ( CBC blood group, HBO and Rh Factor test). Tests to check the health status of mother and the baby are also recommended.

First Trimester Test

The first trimester is a crucial stage since it is the time when the body goes through a lot of physical changes. These are the tests that are necessary to be done at the very first trimester. Gestational Diabetes Screening (RBC, random blood sugar, hba1c), Urine test, Routine and infection test are included for this period. The tests to check the status of the health in the baby are given  below.

Health Status Tests: The tests to check the status of the health

Thyroid test: To check if the baby is going through a Normal development phase.

Vitamin b12: To check the mental development of the baby.

Vitamin D: To check the development of bones in the baby.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound scan is done to check:

Intrauterine pregnancy 

Reflects high beat


Numbers of embryo

Ectopic pregnancy

Infection Status Test: The tests to check the status of any possible infections

HBsAg screening



VDRL (RPR) for Syphilis

Rubella Virus IgG Antibody 

Parental Blood Group compatibility: 

The tests to diagnose any blood related issues.

Thalassaemia screening

To check the type of Haemoglobin

Second Trimester Test

The second visits of tests will take place at the time of your second trimester. Generally, pregnant women are recommended to go for a genetic disorder screening. However other diagnostic tests are recommended in special cases.

Dual Marker tests : These are recommended, these tests help to figure out any chromosomal abnormality.

The below mentioned are recommended in the special cases (for down syndrome or any other genetic disorder test)

Sonography: This test is conducted to route any chromosomal abnormality.

Amniocentesis: this test is conducted to check the amniotic fluid around the foetus.

Anomaly scan: to check the head to toe anatomy of the foetus.

Third Trimester Test

The third trimester period is really crucial and important for both the mother and the baby.

Glucose screening: To check the glucose tolerance.

Thyroid screening

Growth scans: This is to check the health and growth of the baby

Group b streptococcus test: To check the mental health of the developing day if the pregnant mother tests positive in this, the baby can have low IQ.

The pregnancy period is very important to have quality food and enough rest for better development.


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