Know why are NCERT books for UPSC important, how to read NCERT books for UPSC, and a list of important NCERT books

23 Nov, 2021

NCERT books for UPSC:

Almost every student appearing for the UPSC Exam is always informed and advised about preparing their syllabus from NCERT books, but very rare sources state the reason behind considering NCERT books for UPSC preparations and how they add to the knowledge of aspirants. So, in this article below, let’s know that why aspirants shall study from NCERT books for their UPSC Preparation and how much important are NCERT books.

Why NCERT books are needed for UPSC preparation?

The reasons mentioned below are a complete answer to the question that why are NCERT books important for UPSC preparation.

  • NCERT books have a vast range of knowledge available in short.

  • The NCERTs are the books on which UPSC has based its syllabus.

  • NCERT books contain the most authentic information on various subjects.

  • The basic information available in the NCERT books provides a basis for students to study in the textbooks.

How to read NCERT books for UPSC CSE?

Experts always state that NCERT books shall be read for all the basic information, and to retain the knowledge shall be revised from time to time. Considering the vast UPSC syllabus, candidates are advised to first go through the book once for basic understanding, then while reading the NCERT books the second time, they must highlight the important points and topics, and while reading the NCERT books the third time, candidates must revise the whole book focusing more on the important highlighted points. 

Experts state that a candidate preparing for UPSC shall read the NCERT books at least 3 times.

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