Kuno Cheetahs : Cheetahs brought from Namibia in India, they eat food once in three days- Watch Video

24 Sep, 2022

In the Kuno National Park of Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh, 8 cheetahs brought from the African country Namibia are slowly learning to adapt to the environment here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself left these cheetahs in a specially made enclosure on Saturday. The cheetahs were seen to be a little nervous soon after being released into the enclosures. But on Sunday their hesitation was seen to subside. They were found walking in the enclosure on Sunday.

The eight cheetahs living in the special enclosure of Kuna National Park are absolutely fit. There are five females and three males, namely Oban, Freddy, Savannah, Asha, Sibley, Saisa and Sasha. People who keep an eye on the activities of these cheetahs say that still these cheetahs are not fully adapted to the new environment, they are sensing the new environment.

At present, these cheetahs have been kept in a fence prepared in an area of 12 km. When all the female and male cheetahs have mingled, they will be released out of the enclosure. Cheetahs like to live in herds.

Veterinarians and experts from India and Namibia are keeping a close watch on the cheetahs in these enclosures. During this, they will be given buffalo meat to eat. They will be kept in this special enclosure for a month. After this they will be released in the open forest.

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