Leftover Mithai Dessert Recipe | How To Use Leftover Sweets I Her Zindagi I Nikita Varma

27 Oct, 2022

After Diwali, if your refrigerator is also becoming a miniature mithai shop, this video will solve all your problems. Nikita Varma, a food blogger, demonstrates the top two genius ways to repurpose all of your leftover mithai and make them even tastier. For additional information on the recipe, watch the entire video.

Leftover Mithai Dessert Recipe 


Motichoor laddu or any laddu 

Crushed Digestive biscuit

Whipping cream

Dry fruits


  • Crush the laddu and semi- mash it properly in a bowl

  • In a jar put a layer of crushed digestive biscuit 

  • Above that put a second layer of crushed motichoor laddu

  • For the third layer add some whipping cream on to it you can also use cream cheese if you want

  • Pour the whipping cream in a piping bag before layering to avoid the mess

  • Garnish it with some dry fruits on the top 

  • Now, the next layer again will be of the moti choor laddu

  • Repeat the whipping cream step again

  • Add some dry fruits for granishing

Leftover Mithai Dessert Recipe 02


  • Crush the oreo or any chocolate biscuit
  • Add nutella to the whipping cream
  • Mix it well and then refrigerate for a while
  • In the serving bowl pour the first layer of whipping cream
  • Up next put the layer of crushed biscuit
  • Then again a layer of whipped nutella cream
  • Top it up with chocalte syrup and cadbury shots

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