Madhya Pradesh: The public beat up the armed miscreant who was robbing a jewelry shop

17 Jan, 2023

In Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, a video of a criminal fleeing after robbing a jewellery store has gone viral. He was turned over to the authorities by those in attendance after they saw him. It is said that the criminal stole this carbine (gun) from the MLA of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The police are now acting in this case.

Shop operator got shot

The Durga Jewelers case is located close to Chuna Gali in Chhoti Bazar. As he sat in his business this morning, operator Sohan Tamarkar was threatened by a person on a bike to keep the gold and silver in the bag. When the shop owner refused, he pulled out his machine gun and shot into the air. The owner of the shop was shot in the stomach during this.

Police gives information

CSP Aman Mishra claims that only one suspect, who utilised a machine gun to fire, was engaged in carrying out the incident. The suspect is being questioned. He stated that the injured person's condition is critical right now.

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