Market This Week- Worst Week In Over Two Years, Sensex fell 135.57 points and Nifty closed out the at 15,293.50.

20 Jun, 2022

The Sensex and Nifty fell for the sixth consecutive session on Friday, marking their worst week in over two years. The Sensex fell 135.57 points, while the Nifty closed at 15,293.50.

Market this week- 13 June- 17 June

Let's take a look at the Market happenings in the last week.How much fell, why did it fall, what to do next. 

How much did it fall?

- This week there was a drop of 5.60% in the market

- Fall in the market every day of the week

- Nifty fell by 908 points

- Sensex also dropped 2943 points

- Bank Nifty declined by 1741 points

Why did the market fall?

- Markets panicked by US FED policy

- FED hikes interest rates by 0.75%

- FED aims to bring interest rates to 3.40% in 2022

- Risk of recession due to lower inflation

- BOE also raised interest rates for the fifth time in a row

Due to the strength of oil prices, there is a danger of rising inflation in India

 Where to look next in Market and Investment 

- Decision possible to make payment to Russia in rupees

- Will keep an eye on the pace of monsoon

- Nifty has a large support area at 14890-15100

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