Marketing and Sales Jobs: Know how to prepare and start a career in marketing

27 Aug, 2021

How to perform better in marketing and sales job:

In this article further, we will gain insights on starting a career in marketing and how to prepare for marketing and sales job from the expert Varun Satia, the Founder and CEO of Kraftshala.

Starting from the initial, let’s know what is the difference between marketing and sales first.

Marketing vs Sales: What is the difference between marketing and sales:

The only difference between both marketing and sales is that Sales is known as when a person sells the other party a product on a one-on-one basis. However, Marketing is a process in which a person undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service for a large target audience.

Hence, the only difference between marketing and sales is only the size of the target audience. Marketing is always done for a large group of people, while sales usually have a small target audience at a point of time.

How to prepare for Marketing and Sales jobs?

Considering the marketing and sales job sector, the number of jobs, and the marketing and sales sector has emerged as a whole, which has made a student’s career in marketing and sales even more promising. To prepare for the Marketing and Sales job, one shall, first of all, possess the skills where he/she is allowed to push his/her boundaries and learn new things.

Preparing for the marketing and sales job can be done better while interning at a place with good marketing, a place where students are allowed to learn, and also experiment. While Marketing launchpads can work great for freshers which will guide them in the right direction.

How to achieve targets in marketing and sales job?

Achieving targets in marketing and sales job requires the employee to primarily know about the product, what are the features of the products, etc. And the next thing is to only present your product in an interesting way to the customers and persuading or convincing the customer to buy the product. 

Talking about how to chive targets solely, first of an employee shall instead of worrying about the targets focus more on his growth and learning, as worrying about the unachieved targets won’t do anything better. To grow in the career of marketing and sales, a person shall learn, grow, and know how to adapt himself and present a product according to the customer preference. So, the key to success lies in leaving the targets and focusing on learning and growing in the career more.

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