Minister Pradhyumn Singh Tomar apologised for the state of the roads and washed people's feet |Madhya Pradesh

17 Jan, 2023

Pradyuman Singh Tomar, the Energy Minister for Madhya Pradesh's Shivraj government, is once more making news. He noticed his supporter's feet were coated in mud as he examined the road, so he first requested for water and bathed his feet. whose video is currently become more popular on social media. He apologized for the bad condition of the road in Gwalior. 

Prayuman Singh gives a statement

"I apologised to the residents for the poor condition of the road and pledged to restore the road dug for sewer line work," Minister Pradyuman Singh said. It puts many ministers' credibility in jeopardy. Pradesh, Madhya While the minister expressed regret for the poor state of the roads in Gwalior, Min Pradhuman Singh bathed someone's feet. The minister also asked the individual about their issue and told the staff to start building the road right now. He received praise from the public for washing the minister's feet. People claimed that the minister's simplicity is what makes him so easy and simple.

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