Monkeypox case in Delhi: The first case of Monkeypox came to the fore in Delhi

24 Jul, 2022

After Kerala, now another monkeypox case has been found in Delhi. No foreign travel history of the infected person is being reported. According to the information of sources, the test of monkeypox of a person from Delhi has come positive.

Patient admitted in the hospital

a 31-year-old resident of Delhi has been found infected. The person is currently admitted in Delhi's LNJP Hospital. Two days ago fever and rashes came on the body, after which it was admitted. The official source said that the infected person has returned from Himachal Pradesh in the past. However, no history of his foreign travel has been revealed yet. 

So far four cases of monkeypox have been reported in India, out of which three are from Kerala. The World Health Organization has said that the spread of monkeypox in more than 70 countries is a global emergency. According to the source, his samples were sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune on Saturday, which were found positive.

WHO declares Alert

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared monkeypox as a Global Health Emergency. At the same time, the WHO has also expressed fears that this disease may spread to other countries of the world as well. The WHO says that the risk of this disease is moderate in the rest of the world except Europe, while in Europe the risk of this disease has been estimated to be very high. 

The WHO believes that the risk of monkeypox is common worldwide, but its risk is highest in Europe. There is also a danger that it can spread all over the world. Many countries have reported that the monkeypox virus has spread rapidly in them. The World Health Organization also says that monkeypox has met all three conditions necessary to declare a global health emergency.

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