Monkeypox cases increasing rapidly, Israel also found a case- Watch Video

22 May, 2022

The world had not yet recovered from the corona epidemic another disease, monkeypox, has started spreading rapidly. Till now found only in parts of Africa, the disease has now reached Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada and UK. Due to the sudden spread of this virus, health experts have also been worried. 

Monkeypox belongs to the smallpox virus family. It was first observed in 1958 in monkeys kept for research. The virus was first confirmed in humans in 1970. The two main strains of the virus are West African and Central African. Two of the infected patients found in the UK had travelled from Nigeria. Therefore, it is feared that it could be a West African strain. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

what is monkeypox?

It is an animal-to-human virus that causes symptoms like smallpox. However, it is less serious in terms of treatment. Let us tell you that many animal species have been considered responsible for the monkeypox virus. These animals include squirrels, tree squirrels, Gambia pouched rats.  

How Monkeypox Spread?

The monkeypox virus enters the body through the skin, eyes, nose or mouth. It can be transmitted through the bite of an infected animal, or by touching its blood, body fluids, or fur. Monkeypox can also be caused by eating the meat of an infected animal.

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