OMH Capsule: Smartwatches Predict Covid Infection, India Develops Latent TB Testing Kit

28 Jun, 2022

In this episode of OMH Capsule let's look into some of the most trending health news including TXT GRFX Smartwatches Predict Covid Infection, AI Helps Treat Cancer and India Develops Latent TB Testing Kit. 

Smartwatch Could Spot COVID Before You Do

Many people around the world use smartwatches and wearable fitness devices to track their fitness progress. According to a new study, data from these devices could be combined with artificial intelligence to detect Covid-19 symptoms early.

A team of researchers tested the AVA bracelet, a fertility tracker device, in the British medical journal BMJ Open. This device measures the following parameters: breathing rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, wrist skin temperature, and blood flow.

The AVA bracelet, which can be purchased online, was linked to a smartphone app that tracked all activities, including possible Covid-19 symptoms like fever.

The tracker and computer algorithm correctly identified 68 percent of Covid-19 positive people two days before symptoms appeared.

Other health trackers, such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch, do not yet have the capability, but it may be possible in the future.

Netflix-Style Algorithm May Help Treat Cancer

Doctors may soon be able to predict how tumours will behave and treat cancers through personalised treatments, similar to how Netflix's algorithm helps you choose which shows to binge-watch next.The algorithm developed by University College London and University of California researchers tracks changes in DNA from the onset of cancer to its progression.

Using this algorithm, the researchers searched for patterns in the fully sequenced genomes of over 9,000 patients with 33 different types of cancer and discovered 21 common flaws.

These will now be used to identify tumour weaknesses and develop new treatments. The researchers believe that the findings will help doctors better understand how cancer behaves.

New TB Test Kit To Detect Latent Infection

The Serum Institute of India has created a new tuberculosis testing kit that detects latent infection safely and at a low cost.

Latent tuberculosis infection occurs when TB bacteria can live in the body without causing illness.

The Cy-TB test is manufactured and marketed. It is a slightly modified version of the century-old Mantoux test, in which a protein extract of tuberculosis bacteria was injected under the skin to test for infection response.

The issue with the Mantoux test is that it also detects tuberculosis in people who have received the BCG vaccine. Mantoux test does not work in India because most people have received the BCG vaccine.

The Cy-TB test yields more accurate results and does not require extracts from the actual TB bacteria, which simplifies manufacturing.

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