Pakistan Economic Crisis: Crisis on the employment of 62 lakh people of Pakistan | BREAKING NEWS

24 Jan, 2023

Every morning a new problem is arising in front of Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis. Where there is scarcity of food, around 30 cities of Pakistan have been plunged into darkness due to power crisis. Overall, the situation is getting worse and worse every day. At the same time, another disaster has knocked in the neighboring country.

62 lakh people unemployed

In the nation, the unemployment rate is steadily rising. Thousands of Pakistanis lose their jobs every day. The article from the Pakistani tabloid Dawn, in the meantime, has everyone, including the government's prime minister, more worried. In fact, the publication estimates that there may be close to 62.5 lakhs of unemployed people nationwide in 2023.

Pakistan requests talks with India

Shahbaz Sharif has even asked India for discussions. People in Pakistan are dependent on even basic goods because of the current circumstances. The general elections would be delayed, according to Hafiz Hamdullah, spokesman for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), if the nation's economy does not improve. This implies that Pakistan's upcoming general elections will be delayed.

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