Pakistan Economic Crisis: Pakistan is experiencing a severe economic crisis, its currency has fallen to extremely low levels

27 Jan, 2023

Pakistan is about to disintegrate. The Pakistani rupee reportedly hit a record low against the US dollar on Thursday, according to local media sources. It dropped by 24 rupees overnight and was trading at 255 rupees per US dollar at lunchtime. 

Pakistan took loans of 5 billion dollars

Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy. Saudi Arabia, China, and the World Bank have all retreated. On the sixth sky, there is inflation. Pakistan's rupee is falling and has hit a record low level in these terrible circumstances. In Pakistan, one dollar now costs more than Rs 255. The inflation rate is on the verge of reaching 25%. Pakistan has borrowed $5 billion in just three months.

Reason for the fall of the Pakistani Rupee

The Government of Pakistan was instructed to relinquish control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is what caused the Pakistani rupee to plunge by such a significant amount. News of the International Monetary Fund relinquishing authority over the Pakistani government and requesting that market forces set the exchange rate first broke some time ago.

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