PMGC 2021: This Indian BGMI Team to get the invite to Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2021

30 Nov, 2021
PMGC 2021: This Indian BGMI Team to get the invite to Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2021

PMGC 2021: PUBG Mobile announced on 29th Nov’21 that 1 Indian Team will get a special invite to PMGC Grand Finals 2021. It's big news for the Indian BGMI Community considering the fact that they’ve been away from Global tournaments for around 1.5 years. And have a whopping prize pool of USD 6 Million.  Since the news surfaced internet there have been speculations as of how and which team will be invited directly to the biggest stage of BGMI i.e. PMGC 2021.

Winner of BGIS gets an invite for PMGC 2021? 

The BGIS grand finale is scheduled on 13th Jan’22 - 16th Jan’22 just before the PMGC grand finals scheduled on 21st Jan’22 - 23rd Jan’22. Looking at the timelines of the two events, it is possible that the winner of BGIS will get a direct invite to the biggest stage of PUBG Mobile Global competition.

However, The above point has a counterpoint that if it would have been the case, then there would’ve been mentioned that the BGIS winner gets a direct invite rather than “Special Invite”. 

This Indian BGMI team to enter PMGC 2021 grand finale

One of the top teams gets a direct invite to PMGC through any other criteria. This second speculation focuses mostly on two BGMI teams from India: Team GodLike and Team XSpark. Since the criteria for special invite is not known, if it is close to the current best performing team from India, then by the results of recent third party events and domination Team GodLike will most likely be invited for PMGC. 

On the other hand, if the criteria is close to the team that performed best in the last Global appearance of Indian which was in PMWL Season 0: East where Team OR Esports, whose players are currently playing in Team XSpark is most likely to get an invite.



India to enter PMGC 2021 grand finale

Among many speculations, the Indian Gaming Community and their fans are eagerly waiting to know the criteria which Tencent will reveal by which Indian team will be getting an invite for PMGC 2021. In the end, whichever team ends up on the big stage they’ll be representing India and all the fans would be ready to cheer for them.


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