Lahore Police reach Imran Khan’s house; shattered door by a bulldozer

18 Mar, 2023

Imran Khan, the accused in the Toshakhana case, is still under investigation. He was scheduled to appear in court in Islamabad today, but his convoy was halted at the Islamabad toll plaza before proceeding to the court. Nevertheless, just after Imran Khan left for Islamabad, police arrived at his Lahore residence. During this time, there was also a conflict between the police and PTI personnel.

Police entered by breaking the door

The situation outside Imran’s Lahore home in Pakistan has deteriorated significantly. The police reported that shots were fired from the terrace of Imran’s Zaman Park home. PTI workers were also dispersed by police using water cannons. Bulldozers were also employed by the police in this operation to breach the door of Imran’s house.

Accident occurred with Imran Khan

The convoy of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was involved in an accident today on the way to the hearing. The vehicles in Imran Khan’s convoy clashed with one another. Following the collision, it is obvious that two vehicles in the convoy collided with each other, with one vehicle totally overturned. This incident occurred as former Prime Minister Imran Khan was traveling from Lahore to Islamabad to appear in the Toshakhana case. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, on the other hand, was not in either of the two vehicles involved in the collision.

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