Pratik is the boss trends higher than ever in Bigg Boss 15; fans bashes Kundrra-Tejasswi for using filthy words

15 Jan, 2022
Pratik is the boss trends higher than ever in Bigg Boss 15; fans bashes Kundrra-Tejasswi for using filthy words

Bigg Boss 15: The show has been extended by two weeks as per the latest update but, at the same time, as fast as it is nearing it’s end the game in the house is going dirtier than ever. Making it hard to believe that the same Bigg Boss used to send off the contestant for going violent and using extremely filthy words. However, this is not the case right now, netizens have been constantly blaming the makers for being biased, and the trend got more momentum when one of the most popular contestant Umar Riaz was evicted, and now Pratik sehajpal’s fans are again asking justice for the cruelty done against him by Tejasswi Prakash during ticket to finale challenge.

Pratik Sehajpla breaks down after the fight with Tejasswi

During the recent ticket to finale challenge, Shamita Shetty announced Pratik as winner against Tejasswi in bicycle challenge where the duo had a lot of fights. This so happened that during the task when Pratik went to take some cycle parts from her, she acted defensively and in the name of that ended up hitting him quite a few times with steel rod. The very next moment, he accidentally made himself bleed by accident and went for the medical attention & meanwhile Teja accused him for trying to hurt her but, got hurt instead. Later, in front of Shamita and Rakhi, Pratik sobs. He claims that he did nothing improper and that he was extremely cautious.

This is not the first time when OTT to house contestant Pratik had an emotional breakdown on the set. Pratik & Karan already shared a previous relationship as a mentor & mentee in MTv love school & that’s why his behavior towards his senior was extremely calm in starting days but, when things started getting disturbed after a wrestling incident where Karan went voilent on him, Pratik had an emotional melt down.  

Karan Kundrra uses filthy language against Pratik

A lot of things are happening inside the house which sometimes get unnoticed by audience but, only a strong supporter can find out, recently a user posted a video in which Karan was seen going very dirty with words against Sehajpal and Tejasswi seems like mocking him. In the video, Karan tells her that Pratik wants to please everyone and for that he can lick anyone’s ***. Fans are calling him hypocrite as he fought with the latter for using stupid word against his lover and is himself using such words against him. Now Pratik’s fans are vibing way higher than all the hate and literally winning all the polls of voot.

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