Rahul Gandhi Marriage: Rahul Gandhi said this about marriage, reason for delay in marriage | Bharat Jodo Yatra

23 Jan, 2023

Concerns have been raised numerous times over Rahul Gandhi's marriage. Everybody, whether members of the BJP or regular people, has long wondered when Rahul Gandhi will wed. Rahul Gandhi, however, has finally responded to this query directly. He predicted that when the proper, loving girl appears, I will get married.

Reason for delay in marriage

Rahul also explained the cause of the postponement of the wedding. He said that the delay in his marriage was due to his parents. Rahul claimed in an interview on a YouTube channel that Rajiv and Sonia, his parents, set such a high bar for love that no female is ever instantly liked. The 52-year-old former leader of Congress declared that he was not opposed to marriage. He mentioned Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, his parents, and stated that one of the reasons was because my parents had a wonderful marriage and were really in love, and as a result, they are now pursuing the same goal.

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