Remembering Sanjay Gandhi 'India's Crown Prince' on his 42nd death anniversary: Some lesser known facts about the younger son of Indira Gandhi

22 Jun, 2022
Remembering Sanjay Gandhi 'India's Crown Prince' on his 42nd death anniversary: Some lesser known facts about the younger son of Indira Gandhi

Sanjay Gandhi was an Indian politician and the younger son of Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. He was a member of parliament, Lok Sabha and the Nehru–Gandhi family. During his lifetime, he was widely expected to succeed his mother as head of the Indian National Congress, but following his early death in a plane crash his elder brother Rajiv became their mother's political heir and succeeded her as Prime Minister of India after her assassination. 

On his death anniversary, let’s know some interesting facts about him.

Facts about Sanjay Gandhi

  • Sanjay Gandhi was appointed General Secretary of Congress in May 1980. Just a month later, he died in an air crash. Sanjay Gandhi was flying a new aircraft of Delhi Flying Club at the time of the accident. During which he lost control while performing an aerobatic stunt and his plane crashed.

  • Sanjay had a lot of interference in the decisive decisions of Indira Gandhi and it is said that Sanjay had a big role in imposing Emergency on the country. It has also been said in some reports that Sanjay Gandhi was in the mood to maintain Emergency for a long time. Not only this, instead of Indira, Sanjay was running the government during the Emergency. 

  • Sanjay Gandhi did his schooling from 'Doon School' in Dehradun. Although he never went to college. Despite this, he wanted to make a career in automobile engineering. For this, Sanjay also did an internship at Rolls-Royce's factory in England.

  • Sanjay was very fond of sports cars. Not only this, he also had a pilot's license. Maruti Udyog which is the largest automobile company in India today. It was founded by Sanjay Gandhi. However, during his lifetime, Maruti could not manufacture any car.

  • Sanjay Gandhi was very stubborn. Once famous singer Kishore Kumar refused to attend the program of Indian Youth Congress. After which Sanjay stopped playing Kishore Kumar's songs on All India Radio.

  • Sanjay Gandhi was often in controversy. Once former Prime Minister IK Gujral had resigned as the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Gujral said that he would not obey the orders of Sanjay Gandhi. Because at that time Sanjay had not even contested elections.

  • In 1977 political satire, Kissa Kursi Ka, produced by Janata Party MP Amrit Nahata, was banned by Sanjay Gandhi. It resulted in Sanjay Gandhi and then I&B minister VC Shukla in an 11-month long legal case for destroying all the prints and the master-print of the film. Kissa Kursi Ka had spoofed Sanjay Gandhi's auto-manufacturing plans and some Congress supporters.

  • Sanjay Gandhi escaped an assassination attempt in March 1977 when unknown assailants fired at his car during an election campaign near New Delhi.

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