Self-Care Tips for New Moms | Postpartum Self-care | Nidhi Chopra

17 Sep, 2022

The first six weeks following childbirth are known as the postpartum period. Readjusting to life after the birth of your kid can be challenging, despite the fact that it is an exciting time. You need to feed, change, and comfort your baby. It's conceivable that you're seeing your spouse or other kids less frequently. Your sleep routines may not be accurate. But don't panic, you will ultimately adjust and form a new habit, even though it can take some time. After giving birth, caring for your newborn often takes priority over taking care of yourself. In this video, Nidhi Chopra talks about some of the most straightforward self-care strategies for new mothers that can help you feel more youthful and energized.

Adequate rest-Your body needs extra rest to repair because it has undergone labour, delivery, and many other physical changes. Resting allows nutrients and oxygen to be used for mending.

Express your feelings- Be it positive or negative.You might experience fatigue, overburden, stress, a sense of identity loss, and a decrease in your ability to manage your time while you're recovering. Excitation, delight, fear, and other strong emotions can all be brought on by the delivery of a baby. Make sure to talk and communicate about your feelings with your partner, friends or families. This will definitely help you, try to be positive and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Eat proper meals- A nutrient-dense diet high in complex carbs, fibre, healthy fats, and protein, together with adequate hydration, can help your body mend itself. Consume protein-rich foods including milk, cheese, yoghurt, meat, fish, and beans. on your dish, put cereal and fruits.

Move your body- No need to go too harsh on yourself, but small steps can keep your body active and an active body leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Massaging- By lowering stress hormones, relaxing muscles, and enhancing circulation, postpartum massage lowers both physical and mental stress.

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