Shaadi Ke Siyappe ft. Himani Khatri | Wedding Rant | Shaadi Ka Ladoo | Her Zindagi

19 Jan, 2023

The big fat indian wedding never fails to impress, but jab baati aati hai usmein bhare log aur unse judde siyaapo ki, then weddings are the kind of cocktails that can make even the sober ones go crazy. Here is one such crazy experience from a wedding crashers point of view and about all the siyappe around marriage.

Wedding Rant 

Weddings are supposed to be magical events that marks the start of a journey that brings two souls together. However despite your best efforts to cut extra expenses, the cost of weddings still burns a hole in your budget. Indian weddings and crazy times frequently coexist. Here is a rant about Shaadi Ke Siyappe ft. Himani Khatri. watch the whole video

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