Shardiya Navratri 2022: Why is the Akhand Jyoti lit in Navratri? Know its importance and rules

25 Sep, 2022

Shardiya Navratri 2022: The wonderful festival of dedication and strength. Navratri will start on September 26. Navratri is enthusiastically observed across the country. . During Navratri, the atmosphere is completely changed to one of devotion. Akhand Jyoti is lit at Navratri and other important occasions like the Jagran of the goddess Durga, the Chowki, and the Akhand Path of Ram Charit Manas. Everyone is aware of the importance of Akhand Jyoti in the realm of devotion. Unbroken light is referred to as "Akhand Jyoti."The Navratri festival also represents the triumph of good over evil. People keep fasts and worship Maa Durga in nine different forms throughout this period. On the tenth day of Shardiya Navratri, the celebration of Vijayadashami is observed.

What an Akhand Jyoti means during Shardiya Navratri

It is crucial to light the Akhand Jyoti during Shardiya Navratri. It is stated that grace and Durga Maa stay at home. During the fast by keeping a continual flame burning Akhand Jyoti's light keeps evil energy away from the home.

Things to keep in mind while lighting Akhand Jyoti

  • The Akhand Jyoti should only be lit once in the auspicious time
  • Burn the Akhand Jyoti while keeping it atop a wooden post.
  • The Akhand Jyoti should be lit with pure desi ghee.
  • Sesame oil can also be used 
  • For a continuous flame, swap cotton for kalava.
  • Don’t touch it with dirty hands
  • never ever show your back to the Akhand Jyoti
  • Only after Navratri is over should it be allowed to end naturally.

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