Siddhant Kapoor Arrested: Shraddha Kapoor's brother arrested for taking Drugs, Shakti Kapoor says he went to Bangalore but....

13 Jun, 2022

The Bangalore Police have arrested actor Shakti Kapoor's son Siddhant Kapoor for drug possession. According to the report, on Sunday evening, police raided a rave party and arrested six people, including Shraddha Kapoor's brother Siddhant Kapoor. Shakti Kapoor has now responded to the allegations levelled against her son.

In this regard, Shakti Kapoor recently told India Today, "I can only say one thing - it is not possible at all." He went on to say, "When I woke up at 9 a.m., there were reports that he had been detained." I'm at a loss for words. The entire family is attempting to contact me, but no one is picking up the cot; I have no idea what is going on.

In an interview with E-Times, Shakti Kapoor categorically denied that his son is using drugs. 'I am in Mumbai and I have no idea what is going on,' he said. I only learned about it from news channels. So far, all I know is that no arrests have been made and that Siddhant has only been detained.

When Shakti Kapoor was asked if Siddhant Kapoor had gone to Bangalore, she said no. The actor then explained, 'Yes, he is a DJ, and he travels to parties for work, which is why he was in Bangalore.' I'm not sure where all of this information is coming from. I'll contact my son as soon as possible. All I know is that it isn't true..

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