Sidhu Moosewala ‘SYL’ to release today; What is SYL & who is Balwinder Singh Jattana mentioned in the song

23 Jun, 2022
Sidhu Moosewala ‘SYL’ to release today; What is SYL & who is Balwinder Singh Jattana mentioned in the song

Sidhu Moose wala the legendary Punjabi singer who was shot dead on 29th May 2022, had many unreleased songs in his track list, one of which is finally getting an official release after his death. Ever since Sidhu left the world his fans and followers never missed an opportunity to pay tribute to the singer and cherished the memories he imparted through his songs in order to keep him alive in their hearts. On late Wednesday a post was issued on the late singer's official social media account,announcing his new song titled ‘SYL’.

Sidhu Moose wala new song ‘SYL’ to release today

The Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) canal issue, Punjab's rights to river waters, and Sikh prisoners awaiting trial are all topics Sidhu Moosewala addressed in the song, which he also wrote and sang. But the music had already been leaked on numerous YouTube channels before it was even released. 

The team of Sidhu Moose Wala unveiled the "SYL" song's cover image on Wednesday announcing the song and wrote ‘"SYL releasing tomorrow (Thursday) 6 pm. It’s only on Sidhu Moose Wala’s official YouTube channel."

Who is Balwinder Singh Jattana in Moose wala SYL

Those who have already heard a leaked version or saw the poster carefully Sidhu has mentioned the name ‘Balwinder Singh Jattana’ in the SYL song. While many don’t know Balwinder singh is a very prominent personality in the history of Punjab.

The Sikh Community honours Balwinder Singh Jattana as a "Sikh Liberation Hero." He was prominent in the protests against the SYL's construction. People in Punjab expressed their anger with SYL through democratic protests and rallies because they opposed any plan, proposal or scheme that would deprive them of their water. Officials who were discussing the construction of the canal at a Chandigarh office on July 23, 1990, were allegedly killed by Balwinder Jattana and his three accomplices.

Soon after, the incident police issued a warning and retained a RS. 16 lakh monetary reward for his head. In the late afternoon, Balwinder Singh Jattana and a companion were traveling when they came upon a police checkpoint. They were shot dead by the police after running into the nearby fields. He was one of the reasons why the project was kept on halt for years.

What is SYL

In order to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers, the government was building the 214-kilometer-long Satluj Yamuna Link Canal, or SYL as it is more commonly called. It would help Punjab share it’s water with neighbor Haryana. The initiative, however, ran into multiple problems and was later given to the Supreme court.

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