Similar to Joshimath, this UP city has cracks in the houses, residents terrified | Kanwariganj Cracks | Aligarh

11 Jan, 2023

The situation has worsened throughout the entire city of Joshimath as a result of land subsidence in the Uttarakhand region of Joshimath. Now, a similar phenomenon is also being observed in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The locals in this neighborhood of Kanwariganj have arrived in a panic since some houses have developed abrupt cracks. The house has been asked to be empty. A local resident was quoted by ANI as claiming that some of the area's homes have developed cracks. It is claimed that the Municipal Corporation has not yet taken any tangible action even after receiving the information.

Cracks because of Municipal corporation’s negligence

The Municipal Corporation's irresponsibility is being blamed for the cracking of the houses in this area. Locals claim that the blocked drain under the piao in the Kanwariganj floor area has been allowing water to seep into the ground for about a year. This has caused cracks in the walls and roofs of a dozen homes. There are some collapsing houses.

Officials starts investigation

Locals claim that the government installed the pipeline as part of the smart city initiative, which is currently leaking and causing cracks. The homes in the Kanwariganj area have been reported to have cracks and leaks. The reason why this occurred will be looked at, according to Aligarh Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Yadav.

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