Smriti Irani vs Sonia Gandhi: Sonia Gandhi got angry on the question asked on the insult of President Murmu

28 Jul, 2022

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury's controversial remarks about President Draupadi Murmu have caused the party problems. The Congress, which is battling the BJP in Parliament over issues such as the GST hike and inflation, is seen as being on the defensive as a result of its leader's remarks. The BJP surrounded the Congress both inside and outside Parliament on Thursday. The remarks of the Congress leader sparked outrage in both houses.

Adhir Ranjan's remarks infuriated Union Minister Smriti Irani in Parliament. Smriti targeted Congress President Sonia Gandhi and demanded an apology from her under the guise of being impatient. 'Sonia Gandhi, you have approved the insult to Draupadi Murmu,' Smriti said. Sonia Ji agreed to the humiliation of a woman in the highest constitutional position.

'Draupadi Murmu became the centre of hatred for the Congress party as soon as she became the candidate for President,' Smriti continued. Murmu has been dubbed a puppet by Congress leaders. The male Congress leaders who did the heinous work referred to Draupadi as a symbol of evil. Yesterday, the House Leader insulted the President of the United States by referring to her as the National Wife.

Clarification from Adhir Ranjan

Adhir Ranjan has clarified his statement in the midst of the BJP's uproar. 'Since two days when we were driving towards Vijay Chowk,' he explained. We were asked where we were going. We were telling them that we wanted to ask the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan. I mispronounced this word yesterday.' Adhir went on to say, "I know that whoever is the President of India is the President for us." This word has only appeared once. This error occurred, but some members of the ruling party are building a mustard seed mountain.

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