Punjab Election 2022: Sonu Sood's Sister Joins Congress, many officials showed despair

14 Jan, 2022

The assembly elections 2022 in Punjab are just 1 month away, and while being so close to the elections Congress has decided to include Sonu Sood’s sister Malvika Sood in their party. And including her has resulted in a huge conflict among the other officials in the Congress Party.

MLAs who are against the decision

She will be representing the Moga constituency in Punjab, because of which former MLA of Moga district Harjot Kamal has started rioting against the party’s decision. He has cleared that he will represent Moga constituency at any cost and won’t change to anywhere else. He said that he has spent 21 years in Congress and has brought Congress rule in the Moga district when the party needed it most. And still the party has decided to take such a rash decision without even consulting him. He clearly said that he won’t be making any settlement regarding the constituency. The Chief Minister Channi is constantly trying to get Harjot on his side.

Attack on Sonu Sood

Not only this, he has also targeted Sonu Sood and questioned his profession. He commented that Politics is a real situation, there is no “reel” here. Many of the party officials have supported Harjot in his riot and are standing with him against the party’s decision. On the other hand Malvika Sood has not commented or said anything regarding the situation. The party has also shown no concern and has not given it much importance till now. 

Politicians in favor of Malvika

Including Malvika in the party can change many equations for Congress and many important Congress officials like Navjot Singh Sidhu have said that her involvement in the party is a game changer. They have also claimed that because of Malvika they can have many of those seats in Punjab which they might have lost earlier. She has received appreciation from the Chief Minister too.

Sonu Sood's response

Amid this, Sonu Sood has also responded to the situation by congratulating her sister on the big news and has hoped that she may get success in this field too. While making these comments, he has assured the people that he will still be helping people, and he will not be involved in any kind of politics.

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