Street Food from Mathura You Must Try | Nikita Varma

14 Sep, 2022

One of India's most well-known holy cities is Mathura, which is also renowned for its cuisine. It is famous for its sweets, particularly "Peda," a dessert made of khoa, sugar, and regional flavours. Nikita Varma examines well-known foods from Mathura's streets, including Rupa Kachori and Brijwasi Sweets, in this video. Watch this video right away to learn more about the diversity of street cuisine available in Mathura.

Street Food from Mathura you must try

Mathura ki Kachori- In Mathura, kachori are eaten with a potato curry rather than dry potatoes and are crisp and flat. But what sets them apart are the potent hing flavours.

Jalebi-Everything in the shop is freshly produced from mix and served, including the jalebis, which are created with only pure desi ghee.

Brijwasi peda- Brijwasi sweets is well recognised for its friendly service and the renowned Mathura Pedas, which have elevated Brijwasi into the leading sweets brand in the area.

Hari Mohan Khasta Paratha- India’s biggest Khasta paratha made in ghee is served here, which costs approx. 46 Rs. for 100 gm. It is then served with Sabzi or chole.

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