Superstition: Woman was fed human bone powder to give birth to a child | black magic

21 Jan, 2023

Is black magic really a thing? This issue has been brought up by a case that originated in Pune, Maharashtra. This Pune-based superstition is a bit unexpected. Here, a tantrik prepared a powder out of human bones and gave it to a woman while performing black magic.

What is the case?

In this incident, the police have filed a complaint against several people, including Tantrik and the woman's husband. According to the story, the accused utilised black magic to conceive the woman. when the victim is an adult. The tantrik demanded to do this to the woman in order for her to become pregnant when the in-laws begged him to do so.

Police gives information

Suhail Sharma, the deputy commissioner of police for Pune City, who is looking into the issue, claimed that the woman was coerced into engaging in black magic and other superstitious practises following her marriage. The victim claimed that she had been coerced into engaging in witchcraft. She was compelled to consume powdered human bones at the crematorium in accordance with family tradition.

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