Tasty Adda Season 2 I Coming Soon I HerZindagi

05 Dec, 2022

We're returning in style! 2nd season of Tasty Adda! India has a lot of stories hidden in its soul thanks to its fascinating history, vibrant culture, several religions, ancient ruins, busy streets, vibrant markets, delectable cuisine, and friendly residents. The second season of Tasty Adda will focus on the history and delectable foods. Follow along!

There are many different regional and traditional foods that are indigenous to India that make up Indian cuisine. Traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are a large part of the region's varied cuisine. Every food in India has its own unique flavour, and the list of foods is vast. It has rich flavours that alternate between sweet, savoury, and spicy, available in almost all textures you are looking for.

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