Telecom Bill 2022: Bill may have to be paid for WhatsApp call as well

25 Sep, 2022

You all have a smartphone and it is obvious that there will also be whatsapp in it, from which you can also call often. Till now you were able to make free calls through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or any other calling apps, but this may also end in the coming time. The government is bringing a new bill, the Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022, whose draft has been completely prepared. This includes many changes related to telecom, in which Internet calling is also one. It may happen that you have to pay for the calls made through social media apps. Let us know about this in detail.

What does the draft say?

According to the draft of the Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022, platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Telegram, which provide calling and messaging facilities, will now work differently. These platforms will have to be licensed like telecom companies to operate in India. For this reason, it is being talked about that users may have to spend money to make calls from these apps. 

At present, WhatsApp calling is free, this means that we do not pay any money for calls to the app but are paid as data cost. But, now if this bill is passed and the provision of licensing comes, then it may happen that users may have to pay for the apps along with internet fees. At present, nothing has been confirmed about this.

DoT asks people for suggestions

The Department of Telecommunications has sought suggestions from the people on this draft bill. Caller identity should be known to both the service provider and the user. The Union Minister said during the press conference that this bill will serve as the protection of users.

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