How to Get Hourglass Body | Full Body Hourglass Workout | Rashmi Rai

01 Dec, 2022

The type of form that every woman aspires to have is the desired hourglass figure. Fitness expert Rashmi Rai discusses the best exercises for building an hourglass figure in this video today. The full-body exercises in the shape of an hourglass are simple and incredibly effective. Learn more about these workouts by watching the complete video.

Hourglass figure

If your hips and shoulders are around the same breadth, you are said to be an hourglass shape. Your lower hips might be wider than your high hips, and you might have a distinctly defined waistline.

Full Body Hourglass Workout

  • Side Crunches- 15X3 Reps

  • Sumo Squats- 12X4 Reps

  • Bent over row- 10X3 Reps

  • Lats Pull down- 12X4 Reps

  • Plank side dips- 30 Seconds, 3 times

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