Trendy office looks that will spice up your boring online meetings. Watch Video.

31 Jul, 2021

Since the coronavirus has halted our normal life, work from home has become a boring affair for most of us. As we all know that this situation is not going to be better any time sooner, we need to adapt to this lifestyle and make it our new normal. To make work from home interesting, you need to first of all focus on your attire. We often find ourselves lazy to dress up when we are at home. This work from home culture has made us neglect our urge to dress up. Well, it's time to get out of those pyjamas. Get ready for those online meetings where you often keep your camera off because you are not presentable. Here are three trendy looks that are sure to make you look influential and confident in those zoom meetings you were trying to skip:


1. Trendy Office Look: Comfy trousers and crop top

We often get wooed by those Instagram posts where the influencers post photos and videos of flaunting their perfect dressing sense. Don't get disheartened, even you can master that game easily. Wear comfy trousers and pair them with a crop top. To make the look bossier, wear an oversized blazer. To add that extra definition to your look, wear a wide belt with a large prominent buckle.


To complete the look, don’t forget to wear a fancy watch. To make your appearance elegant yet professional, keep your hair open. Voila! The boss lady is ready to set the presentation on fire!


2. Work From Home Hair Do Ideas for meetings

Don't like the way your face gets flattened on camera? Here's a magic tip to get rid of that feeling and be more confident in that meeting. To make your face look uplifted, you need to show your hair game. Style your hair. Do a front twist (shown in the video) that will make your face look uplifted immediately. Add a quirky neckpiece that will make you look more attractive. Wear a shirt or top that is bright in colour. It will attract all the attention in the meeting. Don’t forget to wear a watch, it always makes you look more punctual and professional. And here you are, ready to brighten up that boring meeting. 


3. Meeting Outfit Ideas for Work From Home

Satin tops have always been the most favourite for corporate women. So for this look, you need to pair a long satin top with a printed skirt. For the hair, braid a small portion of your front hair and secure it at the back. Make a low ponytail. Wear a chic bracelet on one hand and a watch on the other. That’s it! You are ready to rock that meeting.

So, no more boring dress-ups for those virtual meetings, make them as interesting as possible. And yes, no matter what you wear, don't forget to wear that gorgeous smile! 

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