Tomato Flu cases in Kerala: What is Tomato flu, symptoms and relation with covid 19 virus

12 May, 2022
Tomato Flu cases in Kerala: What is Tomato flu, symptoms and relation with covid 19 virus

A new threat of 'tomato flu' has arisen in Kerala. So far more than 80 children have been affected by it. Young children are becoming more victims of this. The name of the new disease is tomato flu because red blisters appear on the body when infected with this disease.  

Tomato flu infection is spreading in Kollam district of Kerala. So far, its infection has been found in 80 children. The children who have been infected by it, all of them are below 5 years of age. High alert has been issued in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka after increasing cases of tomato flu in Kerala.

What is Tomato flu?

Tomato flu is an unknown fever, mostly found in children under five years of age in Kerala. Children get rashes and blisters on their body after coming under the grip of this flu. These marks are usually red in color, due to which it is called tomato flu.

Reportedly, the issue is currently being debated whether the disease is a viral fever or a post-effect of Chikungunya or Dengue. The disease has been detected in small parts of Kerala, but health officials have warned that the virus could spread further if measures are not taken to contain it.

Symptoms of tomato flu

The main symptoms of this disease are rashes, blisters, which are red in color. In addition, this patient may also have skin problems and dehydration. Apart from this, infected children may develop problems such as high fever, body pain, swollen joints, fatigue, abdominal fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, discoloration of hands, knees, cough, sneezing and runny nose.

However, from where this disease came, nothing is known about it yet. Health officials are still trying to find out the exact cause of the tomato flu.

Tomato Flu relation with Covid 19

The Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar has said there is no need to panic. The tomato fever is affecting children below the age of five in Kerala. Sudhakar said that "Though some symptoms are similar to Covid-19, the tomato flu has nothing to do with Covid-19. These symptoms are usually seen in other types of viral infections also. There is no need to panic as the authorities have been asked to remain alert. Moreover, the tomato flu is endemic to Kerala,"

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